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Welcome to the Unofficial Matrix page. All references to the film in this page are protected by copyright of the original authors and are not property of the Sundered Epoch.

In order to play games like the movie the Matrix using the Sundered Epoch system there is little that needs to be changed from the original rules. 


The year is unknown. All that matters is that there is a war being waged. This is not a war between nations, but between humanity and machine. It is a war for our species' very survival. Near the end of the 21st Century, all nations joined in celebrating the birth of AI, Artificial Intelligence. The machines began to think for themselves. We don't know who struck first, us or them, but we do know that we were the ones to blacken the sky. Man's last hope is Zion, the last human city located deep in the Earth's crust where it is still warm.

We were once slaves to the machines, living in a make-believe world of dreams. And now, we are awake to the world around us, a world of flesh and blood and bone.

If you are not one of us, then you are one of them. Anyone still hard-wired to the system can be used by the Agents.

Character Creation:

Create characters as normal for the Sundered Epoch. Depending where the character's begin, they may not require the Social Standing trait. Characters that begin play hooked into the Matrix are created as normal and are unaware that it is not reality. Entire chapters of the game can be devoted to revealing that fact.

Characters that have recently been freed do not require the Social Standing trait. This is because all newly-freed characters are underprivileged, and wealth is measured by their rank and experience. If the player party is comprised of varying types of characters, the Narrator may wish to keep the Social Standing trait to reflect prestige within the community.

All player characters should begin play as Matrix enabled. This means that they were once part of the Matrix and have the necessary neural ports to venture back into the Matrix. Characters that do not have the ports should remain as NPCs (Tank and Dozer). This will ensure that all of the players can be tied into the action.


All skills earned in the Matrix are transferred to the real world and vise versa. However, while in the Matrix, characters can download new skills as necessary. These downloaded skills do not transfer to the real world since they only reside in the Construct's memory and not the character's. Downloaded skills can be any standard skill that does not defy reality (Magic like effects).

While in the Matrix, characters are allowed a number of skills up to their character's Intellect score for the Matrix Skill Inventory. The Matrix Skill Inventory should be a separate list of skills that the character can add and remove skills from. This means that if they want to download a new skill they must dump one of the skills they already have in their Matrix Skill Inventory. The level of these skills is based on the characters' Construct server. A server can provide skill bonuses up to +15 skill points. 

Matrix Construct:

The Construct is a massive neural super-computer that builds virtual worlds inside the head of anyone who is plugged in. This device is necessary to allow the characters to reenter the Matrix. The table below illustrates some of the advantages and costs of different constructs. The Trait Points column shows how many points the character gets to spread among Attributes or Skills. These points can be swapped if the character is given at least one minute to concentrate. Thus a character that plugs in to an Enhanced Connection can boost his Combat Skill by 5, Strength by 2, and Agility by 3. Then after combat, the character needs to boost his tech skills so concentrates for a minute and readjusts his skill inventory.

There are several tiers of Constructs. The first, and most basic is a Bare Connection, which is little more than a console with connections for Matrix Enabled characters. This type of Construct does not enhance the characters skills.

The Enhanced Connection supports a limited amount of software that enhances the character's abilities by a relatively small amount.

The Advanced Connection is considered the standard among the elite of the resistance and allows operatives a considerable advantage over the typical slave.

The Superior Connection has enhancements far in advance of all other systems. 

The Matrix Construct requires a significant amount of effort, time, and resources to build and maintain. The materials needed for a Construct are difficult to come by and many of the suppliers do not believe in the resistance effort. On top of that, there is significant software programming, wiring, and testing that needs to be done before plugging in to the system (or 'Pop - goes the weasel').

Server Rating

Trait Points

Cost Construction T#
Bare Connection 0

$10,000 + 100 hours


Enhanced Connection 10 $20,000 + 250 hours 20
Advanced Connection 20 $40,000 + 1100 hours 25
Superior Connection 40 $80,000 + 2400 hours 30

Combat in the Matrix:

Characters that are still slaves to the system follow the normal rules for combat and cannot dodge firearms. Unbound characters can attempt to dodge all attacks.

In addition, Unbound characters can begin to use the Hack skill, which follows the rules for Magic in Book 2: Advanced Options. Characters in the Matrix do not suffer from Drain. Hacking the Matrix allows the character to do virtually anything that magic can do in a fantasy setting.


Characters that take damage while in the Matrix transfer 1/2 of that damage back to the Real World. However, if the character is killed in the Matrix, their Real World bodies also dies as the brain shuts down in shock. Damage from the Real World transfers directly to the Matrix. This means that if the character is wounded in the Matrix then leaves to recover and comes back, their Total Damage is based on the Real World's again. Almost like a health boost.

Getting in and Out:

As portrayed in the movie, characters can enter and exit the Matrix through "hard wires" or communication lines. These lines are usually old phone or networking wires that cross the old cities. As the threats of the rebels increases, the Machines react more aggressively. In most cases, the signals sent to and from a Construct are identical to those used by the Matrix so it is difficult for the Machines to identify intrusions. It is common for the Matrix to change their encoding protocol which forces the humans to realign their Constructs.


The Matrix' defenses are multi dimensional and reside in both the Real World and the Matrix. Just getting into the Matrix requires extensive knowledge of network security, computer science, hardware, and software. In addition, the Construct must continually be upgraded to match the performance of the Matrix. The Matrix' first level of defense is a complex digital encryption that must be hacked. In addition, there are several layers of system identification and authentication codes. And as if the passive defenses were not enough, there are both real and virtual guards.


These mechanical monsters are armor plated nightmares. Using anti-gravity propulsion, they sneak silently through the subway systems and sewers in search of human intruders. These are the main physical workhorses for the Matrix as the Squids provide raw materials, perform maintenance, in addition to eliminating threats to the system.

The hull of a Squid weighs 1200 kilograms, has eight utility claws, and a sophisticated array of sensors. Squids are equipped with repair nano-bots. If a circuit is damaged, the nano-bots will reroute systems and electrical paths to other areas. This gives the Squids a human like ability to heal. If the squid is not completely destroyed, it will eventually be returned to full power in a short time. The only sure way to destroy a Squid is to blast it with an Electo Magnetic Pulse (EMP) which short-circuits the Squid and nano-bots at the same time.


Agility: 10 Height/Size: 3 Meters
Health: 15 Weight: 1200 Kilograms
Intellect:  10 Movement: Fly: 10 Meters
Strength:  25 Combat Rating: 10
Willpower: 20 Speed Points: 10
Target #:


Stun Number: 15


Perception 15

Hit Location:

Roll: Location:
0 - 8 Tentacle
9 - 15 Body


Tentacle Shot Accy:



12c + p

Glance Die: 3d5
Blow Torch Shot Accy:




Glance Die: 3d5
Chatter-Claw Shot Accy: 16 Threat: 12s Glance Die: 3d5
Cutting Laser Shot Accy: 16 Threat: 10b Glance Die: 2d5

The tentacle can be used to grab, entangle, or crush an opponent. In addition, its claw points can be used to pierce armor or soft tissue.

The blow torch is a typical plasma torch and can be used to set obstacles on fire, cut through thin metal, or can be used as a small flame thrower.

Chatter-claws are a type of digging mechanism that makes a scissors like sound. The device is designed to bore into rock and earth, but is very effective against soft human flesh.

As a last resort, a Squid will use a cutting torch. The torch is particularly effective on thick armor plating, but drains the Squid's power cells.


Location: Armor Type: Crush: Slash: Pierce: Burn:
Body Titanium 15 15 15 8
Total: 15        



The most terrifying enemy inside the Matrix are Agents. They are virtually indestructible and have the ability to Hack into slave bodies. They are a virus in essence, replicating to the nearest target that is still attached to the system as soon as the host is useless. Hundreds of people are reported missing each year because of these cold automatons. Characters that have their Matrix bodies taken by an Agent are like rag dolls. They can see everything that happens to their bodies, but cannot do anything to prevent it. They are in a dream, an out of body experience. If an Agent leaves the body willingly, the host returns to normal, but feels dizzy and out of touch with reality. The Matrix implants memory blocks and can even implant suggestions to justify what happened.

In general, an agent does not wear armor, but has the ability to dodge bullets. They are extremely skilled fighters in all fields and even if killed or incapacitated, will come back in only moments, fully charged.


Agility: 20 Height/Size: 3 Meters
Health: 20 Weight: 1200 Kilograms
Intellect: 20 Movement: Fly: 10 Meters
Strength:  20 Combat Rating: 20
Willpower: 20 Speed Points: 20
Target #:


Stun Number: 20


Perception 15
Hack 10

Hit Location: (Normal Human)


Agents are proficient with any weapon and cause damage with the weapon in hand. Their preferred firearm is a 45 caliber pistol with 13 shots and 5 clips. Each time an agent changes bodies, his ammunition is restored.


Location: Armor Type: Crush: Slash: Pierce: Burn:
Body Titanium 15 15 15 8
Total: 15        



This section is provided for fans of the film "the Matrix". Other resources for more information can be found at http://thematrixfreerpg.tripod.com/ and http://home.talkcity.com/InfiniteLoop/inthematrix/

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