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The world of Thorin is steeped with legends of gods and wars and heroes. Beasts of strange and wondrous powers roam the lands and armies threaten war with every marched step.

This is the birth of the Renaissance and beauty is captured in art, song, and dance. These are the times of invention, of plague, of war, of art, science, and magik.

Thorin is a world immersed with sentient life of all forms. Among the populace are humans, Kanis, Phylinx, and goblin-kin. These are the days of chivalry, of knights and maidens, and of dragons and magic. As with all peoples, Thorin is divided.

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Table of Contents


    The Tome, Chapter 1

    An Empire is Born

    A World Divided


The following timeline is by far incomplete and only takes into accounts major changes in the continent of Thorin.

In the beginning - Legends talk of an ancient civilization of gods that built massive temples to attest their greatness. Mortals worshiped the gods through song and dance and deeds, and life was good.

But as with all great civilizations, corruption and greed began to take root. Gods from all the stars walked with mortals. Eventually mortals began to think themselves equal to the gods. Thus began the Sundering.

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Man-God Wars - The war in the heavens began as the gods battled each other over the souls of mortals and calamity ensued. Thunder and lightning crossed the skies and stars fell to earth. Desperate, the gods who allied with mortals gave them power, and the mortals joined the war. Thus began the Man-God wars.

War raged for beyond an age and the gods of Heaven triumphed. As punishment the world was remade and the morals were purified.

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Rebirth - The land and sea were reformed, fire consumed the skies, and all of the world was changed. Thus the world was named Thorin, the Broken Lands.

The gods of heaven allowed the land to heal and seeded the world with life. They brought from the purifying fires a mortal man, Zacharias, to whom they bestowed power. And from earth and sea and air and fire Zacharias did make goblins, ogres, trolls, and beasts of the land. And the gods were pleased with his work and returned to the heavens.

So too did rise humans, Kanis, Phylinx, and human-kin.

When the gods returned, they sought to destroy humans, but Siverandora unleashed the powers of the gods and brought magik to the world. With these powers, they guided the human-kin through the lands and prospered while the goblin-kin turned on each other in battle. Zacharias ascends to the heavens.

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Age of Nomads - The gods rejected Thorin and returned to the heavens to slumber and the goblin-kin and human-kin were left to their own vices. Siverandora guided the human-kin to the center of the continent, to a prosperous land and she ascended. After Siverandora's ascension, the human-kin separates and sought lands elsewhere. The Age of Nomads is highlighted with few lasting communities and little information exists about this time.

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Age of Kings - As nomadic tribes began to settle, Thorin was divided by several kingdoms, each with differing ideals, structures, laws, and currency. Wars seem unending over petty land disputes or for political reasons. During this time, the Book of Zecharias is discovered and translated. Through the ideals gleaned from it's pages, the Kingdom of Endrak is formed.

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Rule of Endrak - The Rule of Endrak is dominated by the Empire's control over the entire southern half of the continent.

Pre-empire - The Kingdom of Endrak spreads its authority through pacts and war, spreading the word of Zacharias as its guiding principals. Many nations submit peacefully to Endrak's authority while others are conquered by sword and spear.

0 - Emperor Emiliak conquers the East Kingdom of Jaf'al-arie and now controls territories from the East Oceans to the West Oceans. Emiliak declares Endrak an Empire.

4-5 - Peasant's revolt begins in the West. Thousands are slain and order is restored.

7 - Emiliak dies. He is replaced by his son Lukť the Wise. Luke establishes a court system based on wealth. Fines replace death as the primary punishment for most crimes. Creates a series of roads to link major cities and improve trade.

38 - Luke the Wise dies. The third Emperor, Hierkiem, takes the throne. He continues the traditions of Emiliak and Lukť.

43 - Emperor Hierkiem dies. Religeous fanatic, Solaran, takes the throne.

44 - Solaran declares Zecharias and his book as the official religion of the Empire and persecutes all others.

46 - Solaran enacts the laws of Humanus-Exaultum, which allows humans to own non-human slaves. Prior to this, only nobles and those wealthy enough to pay the slave tax were allowed to own slaves. Slavery of humans was still permitted only to the rich. Solaran opens the first temple of sorcery and is known to study the darker aspects of the arts.

46-47 - The Goblin Revolt is begun and quelled in six months.

51 - Solaran disappears. Rumors erupt. General and chief military aid, Auklung, takes control of the Empire. His rule is short but ruthless as he struggled to keep control. Several small wars begin and threaten to divide the Empire. Finally, 333 days after Solaran disappeared, Auklung is found dead, thrown from the castle walls. Solaran reemerges as Emperor, though appears a decade older.

55 - Solaran dies in a fire that consumed half of the Imperial Palace. His son, Tallon-Dar assumes the throne after two years of battle with rivals.

123 - Tallon-Dar dies after claiming he had secured his immortality and slain all of his sons and possible heirs to the throne.

123-138 - Civil War erupts through the empire as generals, nobles, and politicians vie for control over the nation. Pacifist and scholar, Plabeous emerges as the victor after a drought and famine cripple the armies of his enemies. Having remained neutral, his lands and armies were unharmed by the drought, and he threatened to withhold his amassed food stores from the warring factions. Facing starvation and rebellion in their own lands, the leaders of the wars conceded and swore loyalty to Emperor Plabeous.

140 - Plabeous dies. His nephew, Hardaa't takes the throne following the untimely death of Plabeous' young son.

145 - Hardaa't accused of religious crimes, is burned at the stake as a heretic. His son, Aemet, a priest of Zecharias, assumes the throne. Aemet is regarded as a zealot and it is widely rumored that it was he who levied the accusations against his father.

146 - Aemet declares that he rules by Zacharias' will and that all who worship the man-god should pray "through" him. Aemet establishes the Five Prayers of the day and demands that all people face the temple when praying.

149 - A coup by palace guards is foiled. Aemet places church officials in charge of all activities. Nobles who do not affirm belief in Zacharias and the rule of Aemet as king of all men are stripped of titles and lands. Many are slain.

200 - Aemit dies, madness having taken his mind. His son Asin is heir to the throne, but it will be ten years before the young child is allowed to rule. Instead, the high priest of Zacharias maintained power while establishing Asin as the "Holy Child" of Zacharias.

210 - Asin officially takes the throne at the age of thirteen. The temple of Zacharias demands thousands of sacrifices to the young Emperor.

223 - Emperor Asin begins studying sorcery despite his mentors' disapproval. He begins to believe that through sorcery, he can become more than just a servant of the gods, but can become a god.

230 - Emperor Asin declares himself a god and according to some accounts, summons gods before him who acknowledge his reign. Tournaments and sacrifices throughout the Empire are held to celebrate Asin's ascension. 

234 - Capital of Endrak and surrounding lands destroyed by "fire from heaven". This creates a new desert, the Broken Lands. Many presume this is a sign from the gods' reawakening and rejection of the Emperor as a god. The Empire relocates its capital to South East as Asin's cousin, Yar'an-di assumes the throne. During the chaos that followed, thousands of slaves escaped and formed an army of all speaking creatures of the lands.

235 - 242 - The Great Revolt (Great Betrayal), the war that resulted in the fall of the Empire.

242 - Corak's army lays siege to the remaining Endraki strongholds through Corak's Pass. This eventually leads to the surrender of Endrak to the slave armies.

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Age of Freedom

0 - Treaty of the Races signed. This treaty divides the lands of Thorin into the major territories known as the Nations of Thorin. This forms the nations of the Freedlends, Endrak, Siverandora, and the Lotus Nations of Goblins. All nations begin rebuilding.

0-12 - Cities of the Freedlends rebuild. T'Aarn emerges as the dominant city-state of the Freedlends.

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The Tome, Chapter 1

It was written, that the age of man had come to an end due to Manís arrogance. Mortals had conquered the land, sea, and air, and sought to become as gods. The gods of heaven, seeing how man had abused the land were enraged as mortals ventured into their realm. A war in heaven ensued as gods and men battled. Many of the gods sought power and made use of this upheaval and joined the mortals. After four hundred years the mortals were thrown from the heavens and the power hungry gods banished. For their arrogance, the true gods rained fire, scorched the land, and made the water into air.

Where the mountains touched the skies lay valleys of fire. Where ocean stretched across the horizon, lay deserts of cracked and bleeding land. Where once lay plains, rose great broken fingers of rock. The burning sky cried tears for the innocent.

Finding that man had suffered, the gods returned to the heavens as the eyes of the Torn god began to close.

After forty days, the Torn god awoke and darkness was lifted from the lands. It was then that the true gods had returned. In the beginning, the land was covered in ash and all was dark. The gods had seen that man had suffered for his sins and said, "Let the light shine" and it was done. Then the gods looked upon the earth and saw that it was barren, and threw seeds across the hills, which became forests. The gods saw this and said, "it is good" and returned to their eternal rest.

Another 40 days past and the gods returned and saw the land was barren of crawling things. So they washed their hands and sprinkled life upon the territories. Across the world creatures grew from the earth and multiplied. And the spirit of the gods shown upon them, and they changed. And all was good in the eyes of the gods, and they returned to the place of slumber.

Forty more days passed and the gods returned. It was then that their hands touched Zacharias and woke him from his slumber under the earth. And Zacharias ventured from his dwelling and saw all that the gods had provided and was grateful.

When the gods spoke to Zacharias, he did not fully understand for he was the first man to speak with the gods. In his awe, Zacharias forgot his place and spoke inappropriately. For his insolence, the gods laid him down in the place of fire and ice. 

The gods released Zacharias on the third day, and Zacharias conceded to the gods' will. Zacharias spoke with the gods, and walked with them through the domain. In time, he became their companion entrusted with the power and knowledge the gods had bestowed on him. Following one cycle, the gods returned to the stars. 

Again the gods returned and saw that Zacharias longed for a companion. And the gods asked Zacharias, "tell us what it is you desire in a companion," so Zacharias told them. The gods provided what Zacharias required, but Zacharias was unpleased, and hid this from the gods for fear they would punish him.

In time, Zacharias grew to love his companion, though still longed for another, one that would bare him a child. 

Many years past, and Zacharias concealed his growing disgust for his companion. So Zacharias ventured out into the world and gathered what he required. Concealed from the gods' eyes, Zacharias sought to create his perfect companion. Many days past, and the gods returned, but Zacharias had hidden from them knowing his sins. They searched for Zacharias, but could not find him. In time, the gods feared that Zacharias had fallen to a creature of the land, and returned to their place of slumber.

Then it was written, that the power of the gods fell upon Zacharias, and born to him was his perfect companion Siverandora. Where there was nothing, Zacharias had created life. Zacharias, the god. All praise was given to him, the maker of life.

Many days passed, hidden from the eyes of the gods, and Zacharias and Siverandora lay down and bore a child named Kane, and they were happy.

Drunk with power, Zacharias abused the power of the gods and created more companions. The new companions, however, were not like Siverandora, but instead were not perfect. The first, a strong servant, bold and ruthless, was born as Kans and with him a mate. Second, limber and sleek, Zacharias called Phylus and his mate. Each bred and bore many offspring.

Kane, knowing these companions as friends, took one as his wife against the word of his father. And following many days, a son was born unto them, and they called him Draakar.

One day while hunting, the young Kane happened across a temple of the gods. His thoughts went to worship, but remembered his fatherís fear. Instead, Kane watched from a vantage until nightfall. Perplexed and curios, Kane ventured into the halls of the great temple. From within the walls, he could feel the presence of the godsí power as the earth shook and he felt himself tremor. Fearing his life, Kane fled from the great palace. In his haste, he met face to face with a beast, a Hur-lo-ron, defender of the gods. A mighty struggle ensued, and with the power of his father, Kane smote the Hur-lo-ron down and fled.

After one thousand ages, the will of Zacharias was lost, and as a god, his body was returned to heaven.

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An Empire is Born

Following the words of the Tome, a great nation is forged, a nation of Man; Endrak. Later generations saw this land prosper and grow. Endrak was the center of all that was on Thorin. Great temples were crafted to praise the life giver, Zacharias. It was during the days of expansion that the humans returned to the arrogance of the ancient ones. Sects of the Keepers, those that protected the writings of the word, believed that man should be above all things, even the speaking children of their god. It was then that the nation of Endrak became an empire.

The speaking creatures were conquered and enslaved, and forced to maintain the human populous. The Kanis, sons of Kans, were made to war against others. It was their duty as a conquered people, to follow the rulers. Hard labor was also deemed appropriate, and the Kanis conceded.

Phylinx, though less willing to be ruled, were also enslaved. The humans made house servants of them and used them for other purposes unspeakable. The Phylinx were a patient race, biding their time for the revolution.

Even the goblins, the children of the gods, fell to the might of the empire. The humans scattered them to all corners of the empire, for the Emperor feared what they might do in numbers.

Legends say that when the emperor Asin rose to power, the gods had awakened. The young emperor saw that the lands from the Eastern to the Western seas were his. And the lands from the Thorin Mountains to the most southern peninsula belonged to him. It was then that he believed himself to be a god. Only a god could rule all the world. To praise him, he demanded sacrifices of all kinds. Blood sports would bring him entertainment. The power of the Myst protected him and cradled him in his sleep. Then the gods returned.

Seeing what had been done, the gods were enraged. To punish mankind, they sent fire from heaven, which struck at the heart of Endrak. The great empire was shattered in a single hour.

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A World Divided

Following the destruction of the Empire, the speaking creatures revolted. It was the Phylinx that began the revolution. Forever patient they had formulated their plans generations in advance, waiting for such an opportunity. The revolution began with little more than an escape. The Phylinx and their allies fled from the cities and regrouped in the southern forests. Sensing the coming war, many of the Kanis ranks joined them. The camp of refugees grew from a small band to an army in less than a month. The ranks filled with all races bent against the reign of the Empire. The Great Revolt raged for ten years before victory was tasted. In a search for peace, the races of Thorin sought a pact and divided the lands to provide each race with a homeland.

The kingdom in the south is the home to humans. Known as Endrak, the new Emperor seeks to dominate the lands and reclaim the continent. After the Grand Betrayal (or Great Revolt as it is known in other lands), the Empire of Endrak was cut apart. Before this time, Endrak spanned from the Spine Mountains to the Southern Sea and crossed the lands from East to West. In the plundering retreat, the armies of Endrak gathered riches untold. In his paranoia, the Emperor has recruited the most learned masters to command his legions. It is said that entire armies could fall to the powerful magiks that Endrak controls.

North of Endrak are the Phylinx of Siverandora. Having been enslaved for centuries, the Phylinx leaders sought to restore their lost heritage. When the time came, it was the Phylinx that rose to the occasion. They were the organizers of the Great Revolt. Deficient of the war-like talents of the humans, the Phylinx recruited the goblin tribes and what humans would follow. As soldiers, the Phylinx failed, lacking the stomach for battle. Instead, they took the roles of generals, seeking methods to weaken the enemy with the least amount of bloodshed. Though disgusted by them, the Phylinx knew the goblins to be fierce warriors, whose hate of the Empire was well deserved. It was the Phylinx that orchestrated the unification of humans, goblins, Kanis, and Phylinx against Endrak. After the war, the Phylinx acted as negotiators dividing the lands and providing for each raceís needs. To their credit, they created their homeland of Siverandora as a buffer between Endrak and the Lotus Nations of the Hur-lo-ron. Without this, the goblins would have destroyed themselves on Endraki spears. Though lacking in magik and monetary funds, the Phylinx of Siverandora are kin to the land and are self-sufficient.

Just south of the Spine Mountains and to the East are the Lotus Nations of the Hur-lo-ron. This is hard land filled with the varying tribes of goblins. Here the tribes are free to war with each other, but are kept within their lands by the mountains to the north, the ocean to the east, Siverandora to the south, and the Freedlends to the east. Any non-goblin that enters these lands is bound to meet his fate. Each goblin tribe follows its own rules, has its own hierarchy, and provides for itself in its own methods. Most of the goblin tribes despise humans and think the Phylinx are weak, but goblins lack the organization to form an army under any unified government.

East of the Lotus Nations are the Freedlends. Protected on all sides by the steep rock of their plateau, the Freedlends is a nation of city-states. Each city controls its own government, levies taxes, and follows its own monetary system. In times of war the cities contribute with arms, men, and supplies as determined by the Council. Each year, the Council gathers in TíAarn to plan such details as travel and expansion and discuss matters of the nation. Within the borders of the Freedlends is the most diverse collection of speaking creatures. The Freedlends prospers from the openness and equal protection of all races, and the trade each culture brings. Though lacking a central economy or military, the Freedlends has proven the most prosperous of the new nations.

To the east of the Freedlends lie the Broken Lands, a realm of mystery. The desert of the Broken Lands burns under the sun and melts the flesh of men. It is said that the nights grow cold enough to freeze a man solid. Legends say, that the ancient Endraki lord Asin, demanded the gods follow him as servants. For his insolence, the gods changed the winds, scorched the lands and sent plagues against the lands of Endrak, dividing Thorin in two. Few venture into the Broken Lands and none have returned. Those that felt foolish enough to attempt such feats turn back at the first site of the desertís unholy creatures. They have survived for very deadly reasons. Most of the Broken Landsí creatures are nocturnal and despise the heat of the Sun.

Among the denizen of Thorin are the Kanis. A breed of warrior that is unwelcome by strangers, but earn fanatical loyalty from comrades. The Kanis were held as slaves for the armies of Endrak. They are vicious on the battlefield, and are the strongest of the four species of Thorin. Their nomadic tendencies have left them without a homeland save the few colonies south of the Freedlends.

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