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The following settings are still in development. The settings are designed as worlds for your game group to begin an adventure in and are not meant to be 100% complete.

No Man's Land: The transition between our world and the next has been breeched. Creatures that we thought existed only in our dreams and nightmares cross over as easily as we traverse into another room. Though we initially denied it, we are all believers now...


Fusion: In a distant time, humanity has found that it is no longer alone in the universe. A galactic war has spread to our frontier and threatens to destroy all that we hold dear.  Scattered to the solar winds, we must survive.


Mystics: In an ancient world similar to our own, the Empire of Endrak seeks to regain it's birthright. Wars are coming, and soon the Empire will regain it's place and dominate all of the South.


Spreaders: A totalitarian nation succumbs to the will of the far right. In order to protect humanity from it's self, laws have been passed that curtail many civil liberties and make guilt or innocence irrelevant. In the future, blood matters.


Unofficial Stuff: The Sundered Epoch can be used in several well known universes. However, we claim no rights or ownership to the content and only provide this information for reference.


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