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3/9/16 - If you haven't joined us on Facebook, you've missed some updates. Like us and join the conversation!

What you've missed - Not one, but TWO adventure starters were published! Get "Meet the Spartans" and "Flight of the Medusa" from DriveThruRPG.com

Our introductory FREE release of the SEG Core Rules has concluded. But you can still get your copy for a low-low price of... (wait for it) ...whatever you feel like paying! This isn't a small book, at 250 pages.

12/27/15 - It is official! We have gone commercial with our publication of the Sundered Epoch: Core Rules to Drive Thru RPG. Until the end of January you can get your official copy of the rules absolutely free. Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell your Aunt Veru and Uncle Owen that this is an RPG system with MOXIE!!!

11/15/15 - Inspired by our brains being eaten by zombies, we put together this little AvP Zombicide booklet, which you can get via the Unofficial Downloads page. Check it out!

11/9/15 - This one-man-band is still kicking. It is about time to put a bow on the latest revision of the rules and call them DONE! But in the mean time, enjoy some Zombicide cards for an Aliens vs. Predator vs. Zombies game.

9/8/14 - In case you thought we were sleeping, I assure you that we have not! Over the last year we have published a bunch of adventures out on Scribd.com and are working on finishing the Core Rules (again!). We decided to split the core rules and magic system into two different books and we are feverishly working on getting both completed for preview ASAP. 

2/8/13 - Our first Adventure Starter the Flight of the Medusa is now available on the Adventures page.

1/1/13 - Happy New Year!

8/27/12 - Lots of things in this update. First, we released another update to our web book, Technology of the Known Universe. Second, and most significantly we have uploaded the Sundered Epoch: Generations Core Rules 5th Edition AND a preview version of No Man's Land.

8/24/12 - The Sundered Epoch: Generations will be demoed during Necronomicon October 26-28 and Aethercon November 16-18. There will be a big announcement at Necro. I hope to see some familiar faces and meet some new folks.

3/7/12 - We've finally gotten around to combining Simple 10 Core Rules with the Expanded Rules. The result is the new and improved Simple 10 v2.0! Get it from the Simple10 Downloads page.

2/6/12 - Aliens of the Known Universe has been updated again. You can get the 5th version from our Unofficial Downloads.

1/5/12 - In case you are interested in following us on Facebook, click Here and "like" us!

1/1/12 - Happy New Year!

11/28/11 - Due to Scribd.com requiring a paid membership to download documents, we have moved back to hosting our own files AND using Scribd. This is an unfortunate development and we lose some metrics as a result, but it is necessary to keep our efforts in the public spotlight.

11/27/11 - Another glorious day in the Corps! We now have the first version of our book, Technology of the Known Universe that covers sci-fi greats from Halo, Aliens, Fifth Element, and more. Get it from the Unofficial Downloads page.  

10/9/11 - Yet more fun and games, and no one has lost an eye - yet! A new version of the Aliens of the Known Universe is now available on the Unofficial Downloads page. In addition, we uploaded the first version of our Arms & Armour of the Known Realms book that includes medieval armor from all around the world.

9/19/11 - We've been busy! Today we post an Article on game design focused on Total Party Kills (TPK). And not to be missed, the latest Non-Human Species book is now available in the Downloads page.

9/14/11 - A new free download is now available in our Unofficial Downloads section called Aliens of the Known Universe

7/22/11 - According to Scribd.com, our products have been downloaded over 18,000 in the last two years. This is big news for a tiny publisher. Thanks everyone for your support!

6/21/11 - It has been more than a year since our last update, but what a difference a year makes. We have been busy at work creating the Eastside Project, a new setting built specifically to show off the things that the SEG system can do. The new setting includes some significant changes to the Sundered Epoch system. As a result we will be calling this version 5.0 and spans over 250 pages. Keep an eye out for previews in September.

5/26/10 - That day has finally arrived! The Core Rules v4.0 is now available. And for the first time you can BUY THE BOOK, AT COST! Check out the Downloads page for more information.

4/12/10 - With the editing done on the Core Rules, we've been working on the Advanced Options and have uploaded the Character Creation options.

3/30/10 - Long time no news. Well that has changed! Since the end of last year we have been hard at work with getting the Sundered Epoch system ready for print yes PRINT! Thanks to print-on-demand you can finally get your hands on a fully published version of SEG. This version will forever be dubbed 4.0 and will be available as soon as our draft copy passes inspection. More details to come.

3/29/10 - To help us track comments and suggestions, all documents have been moved from our local hosted site to Scribd.com. This means you can comment on the documents you like, share them, link them, and so much more. Plus you can get notified of updates to documents if you have an account.

11/27/09 - Hope everyone had a great holiday (for you American readers, Happy Thanksgiving!). And as a small treat, we have posted up the latest version of the Magic & Superpowers book. This is a rough copy and you may see some errors and incomplete sections, but we wanted to get this out there before the turkey comma kicked in.

11/2/09 - Major changes here! The latest version of the SEG Core Rules version 3.60 is here as well as new character sheets, initiative tracking sheet, and a summary sheet for the Narrator! There have been some fundamental changes to the system so you will probably want to look at the Change Log to see what has changed. Get the rules from the Download page.

10/29/09 - We've scoured over the Expanded Rules for Simple 10 and come up with some changes. So we've released the latest version on the Download page.

10/19/09 - Its been a while, but we've been busy with creating another expansion for Simple 10! As always, we like to start off with something familiar so we put together an Aliens vs. Predator pack to help kick start some ideas on how to use Simple 10. Go to the Download page and get it while its fresh!

7/8/09 - Fresh from the printing press we have the Expanded Rules for Simple 10! It includes expand rules and explanations for character creation, combat, magic, powers, and more. Get it from the Download page.

5/29/09 - True to form, we've found a couple better ways to do things in Simple 10 and have released a minor revision for it. Go to the Download page to get the update.

4/29/09 - Its been quiet - too quiet! But never fear, we have been back at work on some new projects including updating the rules for Simple 10, the ultra-simple game system that weighs in at only 10 pages (not counting the new cover art). Additionally, we're working on some new Adventures which should be published soon. Oh, and we fixed our email link! Thanks Andrew for noticing!!! BUT WAIT, there's more!!! We recently started playing Star Wars Saga Edition and as expected, we made a new character sheet that is VASTLY improved over the original one.

12/3/08 - Things have been slowly progressing since last time we updated the site. Our in-person play-testing has been continuing with a significant focus on the magic system. But besides all that, we have another holiday treat! Randal has put together a super-simple RPG for those of you interested in something easy to learn and play. Download Simple 10 today!

10/25/08 - Well, since we haven't had any new updates in a while I figured I would fill y'all in on some stuff. We've added a couple more online games on Dark and Moody Forums and due to increased demand, we've rereleased some updates to the Downloads page. Check out the most recent update to the Skills and Species rules. And as always - FREE.

3/4/08 - Shadowrun - Go figure, our game group started playing Shadowrun and I couldn't stand the original character sheet so I made a new one. Check it out on the Downloads page.

2/14/08 - Showin Love - Just in time for Valentine's day, the latest version change of Book 1 - Core Rules has been released. Check out our Downloads section.

1/29/08 - Star Wars - For those of you interested in running a game of Star Wars with SEG rules, we have uploaded our unofficial version of equipment, aliens, and descriptions of the force.

9/9/07 - Core Rules Updated - Book 1 of the game system has been updated to version 3.55 and is full color and fully illustrated!!! Several small items have changed including Encumbrance, Exhaustion, and a new skill group called Moxie which replaces the old Combat Rating.

9/9/07 - Book 2 Previews - We have uploaded several updated previews from the Book 2: Advanced Options rules. The skills preview has been updated and the Non-Human Species section is brand new! Lots of good ideas to play with in that chapter.

8/29/07 - New Live Chat - Got a question for Randal? Need some clarification on the rules? Well we just added a live chat capability to the website. Check it out on the top left of the page. If we're available, we'll answer your question right away.

5/8/07 - Message Forum - Thanks to Dark and Moody Forums, we now have a message board for the Sundered Epoch! Check it out HERE.

5/7/07 - Latest Version - The long awaited and improved version of the Core Rules are finally HERE!!!

2/20/07 - Spammers Suck - Well some jerk has been using the Sundered Epoch domain name to spam a whole bunch of people. As a result I went to a hotmail account to help manage the junk. sunderedepoch@hotmail.com

12/12/06 - New Fiction - Just in time for the holidays, we've updated the Fiction section with some humorous Spoof Spam. Its just not right...

10/10/06 - Thorin Updated - Chapters 23 and 24 are now available in the Fiction page for your enjoyment.

7/29/06 - RIP Katana - My rottweiler, Katana, was put down today. It saddens me to the core, but I know she is better off now and will not feel any more pain. In case you did not know, shortly after her ligament problem on her back leg she developed a cancerous growth on her shoulder. There was nothing I could do. Thank you for all your prayers and support.

4/4/06 - Back from the Vet - I just got back from the veterinarian and got the bad news that my dog, a 105 pound rottweiler, needs knee surgery. The sticker shock for this procedure is anywhere from $1500-2500 due to her large size. Unfortunately, due to a number of things I can't afford to do it without significant weight on my financial back. I have created a webpage to help me explain this whole affair and if you can spare a dollar or two, I would appreciate any donation you can offer.

4/3/06 - Quick Start Guide v3.10 - The latest version of Book 1: Quick Start Guide is now available on the Downloads page. A lot has changed. First off, the Sub-Attribute "Resolve" has been renamed to "Focus". Following that, Initiative and Target Numbers have been reworked so they make a bit more sense. In addition, nearly the entire combat chapter was rewritten for clarity. I should have the full version of Book 1: Core Rules completed soon. Following this latest round of edits, I feel very strongly that this will be the last major change in the game's core rules, but I have been wrong before. If anyone finds any type-o's or areas that are still causing confusion, please email me to let me know.

3/9/06 - Couple Things - A new Article, Redundancy in Game Design was post today as well as Chapter 22 of the Thorin Campaign.

2/20/06 - System Update - Soon we will be releasing a relatively major update for the core rules. Much of what has changed is rewording some areas that needed explanation, redefining terms, and other minor things. The major change comes in the Initiative Modifier and Target Numbers as well as the inclusion of rules to help deal with Surprise. So this springboards us from version 3.02 to 3.10. Keep an eye out for it soon (in the next month or so).

12/26/05 - Chapter 21 - A day late, but here's a Christmas present for anyone who cares: Chapter 21 of the Thorin Campaign is here.

12/20/05 - Chapter 20 - The latest chapter in the Thorin campaign is now in the Fiction page. Hmmm... only six months. I think that's a record :)

6/29/05 - Book 2 Preview Update - We have added yet another chapter from Book 2 - Advanced Options on the Download page. If you are running a horror campaign, you definitely want to check out the rules for Sanity.

6/28/05 - New Play-by-Post Game - Randal has started recruiting for an online game at the Dark & Moody forum. If you are interested in participating in a very unique method of role-playing, please view the synopsis of the games HERE, sign up for a Dark & Moody account (it's free), and post a message in the game title that you are interested in.

6/27/05 - Chapter 18 - Chapter 18 of the SEG Thorin Campaign is completed and available on the Fiction page.

6/25/05 - Reorg Part 2 - If you can't find something that you were saw for before, just check out the new menu on the left. We have moved things around so that it makes more sense. After all, not EVERYTHING was an article.

4/15/05 - Book 1 Core Rules v3.02 - The first book in the series is done!!! This represents the third major overhaul of the game system which has streamlined the system to fundamental concepts while retaining the realistic and cinematic feel of the original. Get the rules from the Downloads page.

4/4/05 - Updates - Chapter 17 of the SEG Thorin campaign has been uploaded to the Articles section. In addition, we have uploaded the latest version of the Quick Start Rules v3.02 to the Downloads section.

1/2/05 - Long Time Coming - Well, this will be a fairly large update since so much has happened in the last several months since the last update.

SEG_Thorin Chapter 16 - is now available on the Articles section and the game is still progressing in spite of the holidays. We actually have several more chapters to go edit and we hope that this effort will prove to be the first Sundered Epoch Novel.

New Revision of Book 1 - Due to some extensive play testing, the SEG core rules have been revised yet again. This is a major change to the system and represents the third complete rework of the game system. What has changed? For starters, we have streamlined the attributes and removed the Skill Modifier. All attributes are equal to 1/2 the original value. In addition, we have made several changes in the character creation methods and tweaked a few other things, but the most severe change is with the Attributes.

Cleaning Up - We have reorganized the downloads section and summarized the game system versions to the final version of each major revision.

6/17/04 - Chapter 13 - Lucky number 13 is here. If you have not been following the story, its quite full of intrigue. If you like a good mystery, this is definitely developing into a good one.

5/25/04 - Chapters 11 & 12 - Yet another update to the SEG_Thorin campaign is now on the Articles page. Check 'em out.

3/30/04 - Rough Draft Cover Art - The concept sketch of the new Sundered Epoch Book 1: Core Rules cover is now on the Gallery page. Or you can just Click Here

3/25/04 - Articles, Articles Everywhere - We've got some new articles on game designs in the Articles section. These were originally written for the United Role-players Yahoo! Group, but I figured they were good enough to stand alone. They certainly give you an idea of how the SEG system was conceived.

3/18/04 - Chapter 10! - Can you believe it? Chapter 10 of the SEG_Thorin story is now available on the Articles page.

3/11/04 - New Articles - After scouring the Internet for real life examples of science fiction technology, we've finally starting archiving some of these Articles in the new Technology advances in the real world section. All of this stuff has some obvious applications for role-playing games and much of it is just plain cool.

2/16/04 - SEG Thorin

Chapter 9 of the Thorin Campaign is up and ready for your perusal in the Articles section. The story has certainly progressed from the simple Character Creation process.

2/14/04 - Demo Wrap-up

I'm happy to announce that the game demo went well and I hope that all participants found it enjoyable despite the simple hack & slash nature of the adventure. Four Predators raided an ammunition depot that was guarded by a small squad of five heavily armed marines. Unfortunately for the marines, the Predators were invisible through the entire assault and there was enough blood on the walls to give the halls a deep red pain job. Three demo copies were handed out and I hope to talk to their new owners soon.

2/13/04 - Game Demo

The author of the Sundered Epoch will be at Gamer's Galaxy in Pinellas Park Florida, on Friday 13th for a basic game demo. The theme is Aliens vs. Predator, and the players will have the joy of hunting down pathetic humans to prove themselves as true Yautja Warriors.

2/6/04 - New Chapter

Chapter 8 of the SEG_Thorin campaign has been pushed out to the Articles section.

12/31/03 - SEG Thorin Campaign 

Chapters 6 and 7 are now available for your pleasure in the Articles section. The campaign continues despite the holiday break. And if you have any comments for our party of inspectors, feel free to throw a message or two on the Guest Book.

12/3/2003 - Book 1 Update

The Core Rules have been updated again. It has finally reached the point of a final proof. All the rules have been tested sufficiently, and with the exception of getting final proof reads for accuracy, we are on track to begin printing our first print outs. The next goals are to verify the accuracy of all the examples, create a new cover, back cover, and finally send it out for printing.

11/20/03 - SEG_Thorin campaign updated

Chapter 5 of the Sundered Epoch Thorin play-by-post game has been put in the Articles section. Its the most exciting chapter yet with lots of action.

Open Play Test Registration - The Sundered Epoch is now available to the general population for an open play test. If you are interested in running the game, please send an email to sunderedepoch@hotmail.com to get more information. All play testers will be expected to provide feedback via email on the manual's clarity, game mechanics, and areas for improvement. In exchange, each play tester will be credited in the table of contents, gain access to unreleased rules and settings, and have the opportunity to contribute to the direction of the entire project.

11/18/03 - Thorin Campaign Continues

Chapters 3 and 4 of the Thorin Campaign have been added to the Articles section. These installments see the introduction of a new main character and expand the basis of the plot even further. Keep watching. Chapter 5 and 6 are coming soon and will have yet more tantalizing hints at what is to come.

11/17/03 - New Character Sheets

The basic and advanced character sheets have been updated and are available in the Downloads section. Both have been streamlined a bit, but the core sheet is the same.

10/9/03 - New Fiction

Chapters one and two of the Thorin campaign have been posted to the Articles section. This version has been thoroughly remixed to make much more sense than the Play-by-post SEG_Thorin game it was based on and has turned out to be a very solid storyline thus far.

9/17/03 - Play-by-post game underway

We've started the play by post version of the Sundered Epoch based in the world of Thorin described in the Mystics Setting. If you're interested in seeing what we're doing, check out the SEG_Thorin Yahoo! group. So far, its not just interactive, its a good read too.

7/14/03 More Fiction

Chapters 4 through 7 of Andrew Kolesar's "The Magblo" is now in the Articles section. In addition to that, we have a new adventure for a party of Predators, called 'the Hunt", for the Aliens vs. Predator fans.

7/7/03 Aliens Vs. Predator

Those of you who are fans of the Aliens or Predator movies have gained another treat. The Articles section has been updated with the latest rendition of an Aliens vs. Predator section. Though I haven't put together all of the material, it is fairly complete.

6/27/03 New Fiction 

Special thanks to Andrew Kolesar for providing an extensive amount of writing for the Articles section. His most recent publication, The Magblo, is an epic story in the World of Darkness. Chapters 1-3 are available now and additional works are in process and should be posted soon.

5/18/03 Latest Update Released

Okay, boys and girls (if there is actually more than one person looking at this web page) the latest version of the rules is on the downloads page. What's new? Well I'm not entirely sure my self... There's some modifications to the way Stun is used, and Shotguns have been improved a tad bit. But I think the most significant part is the modification of Thrown Weapons and Archery (like that ever gets used...) and some minor changes in the Armor Stacking (back to the original version now that encumbrance is in place). Enough rambling from me... Enjoy

4/30/03 - Update Coming Soon

Keep an eye out for the latest updated rules. Thanks to Richard Farris for some insights, there are some nice changes to help keep things simple yet consistent. First, an Encumbrance rule has been added. Second, the rules for Incapacitation have been updated. Beyond that, there are some minor tweaks.

3/13/02 - Rules Update

A new update on the Core Rules has been posted to the downloads section. The primary changes are with Hand Weapon Threat and Range. In addition the character sheets have been updated. Check out the new stuff in the Downloads section.

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1/13/03 - Downloads Update

There are some new items on the Downloads page. Specifically, we've added the Advanced Character Sheet, and a modified Initiative Form.

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9/6/02 - Rules Update

At last, another update on the rules. A couple updates, more equipment, corrections etc. Check out the Downloads page for the latest.

The latest change in the rules is now available on the Downloads page. This represents a significant change in the the Sundered Epoch rules. In fact, the whole concept in the organization has changed. Book 1 represents the core rules, the minimum rules required to play the game. Book 2 (soon to be released) will focus on advanced rules, much of which are already in print under the older game mechanics.

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9/6/02 - Everything Prior

The Sundered Epoch web server is now running a Roger Wilco base station to enable our developers to talk among each other. Tune your Roger Wilco tuners to (Since the base station tuner does not work on Windows XP, I won't be putting a link on my pages unless requested or until they use 32 bit applications for Roger Wilco).


Yes, its that time again! Another update on the rules are now on the Downloads page. But wait, there's more! Act now and you can also get the advanced rules, table of contents, and appendixes absolutely free. That's right, but only if you act within the next FIVE MINUTES...


The player's information is now available for the Necronomicon game. You can find it under Alien Subversion in the Articles section. The Narrator's notes will be released after the game. Sorry, no preview this time.


The Sundered Epoch is heading to Necronomicon 2001! The game will be a demo and a play test of semi-large scale combat. The setting is based on the 20th Century Fox movie series Aliens and will be open to a maximum of six players each controlling two pregenerated characters. Future details will be posted soon.

"Game over man, game over..." Hudson


The game rules have been updated and are available on the Downloads page. There are some significant improvements that have been made that will certainly improve your gaming experience. In addition, the Character Sheet, NPC Sheet, and Initiative Form have all been updated based on some play test suggestions.


 Yet one more world has been added to the list of Unofficial References, the Matrix. Further work on the world will be coming soon.


Thanks to some odd chance of fate, the Sundered Epoch web server crashed. Fortunately, all of the files have been recovered and we are back in full production.


Some significant changes are taking place in the Sundered Epoch rules thanks to some good feedback from Robert M. (name withheld until I get his permission). The changes are mostly for simplification and have helped to streamline the combat system and cleared up some confusion on character creation. The new version should be posted by the May 15th.


The latest changes to the rules are now on the Downloads page. Most significant are changes to Stun, attribute modifiers, and weapon accuracy. All characters designed with the old rules simply need to be updated with the new values.


Some rather significant changes are being made to the Sundered Epoch rules. These changes primarily affect combat target numbers, glance dice, and attribute modifiers. The changes, once proofed for consistency, will be posted on the Downloads section for view via the web. You can expect an other post once these changes are implemented.


An updated character sheet with all of the latest charts was posted to the Downloads page. Also a detailed NPC sheet and initiative organization aid was posted.


The articles have been updated to reflect some changes in the descriptors. These changes will make it to the game manual shortly which is available from the Download page.


The Dungeons & Dragons/D20 system conversion guides are now available from the Unofficial Reference section.


Proposed changes to the Sundered Epoch manual have been posted on the forum. If you have any ideas for changes in the rules you may submit them there.


Updated rules for the Sundered Epoch: Generations have been posted to the Downloads page.

This Project is on Hold

The Sundered Epoch wants to introduce Devolution and welcome them to the site. Devolution is the project designed for on-line role-playing.  More information is available from the Devolution home page.

This Project is on Hold


Updates to the Sundered Epoch website are fewer and further between, but not because I have been lazy. On June 20, 2000 we were blessed with our first baby Aaron Michael Snyder, seven pounds & fifteen ounces. Not only has he been keeping me and my wife busy, but I have been involved with the development of a computer-based RPG project called Devolution. Those of you familiar with the Sundered Epoch rules should expect nothing less from the system being developed for Devolution. With luck and time on our side, the Devolution team will develop one of the most interactive Computer RPGs to date. I certainly have quite a list of things on my wish list as do the other developers.


If you have any suggestions on features that you would love to see in a computer based RPG send us a line at sunderedepoch@hotmail.com


A map of Thorin, the lands of the Mystic Generation is now on the Mystics page.


To better produce a marketable RPG we are in the process of releasing the core rules. This is a document that will be regularly updated as rules change and is the backbone of the game system. In effect, it is a group of formulas and tables with limited explanation. Those of you interested in writing for the SEG should review the Beta rules provided in the Downloads page to understand the basic concepts.


The first Random Character Maker is available for download. You can get it from the Download page.


The unofficial reference materials section is being constructed. This includes information for campaigns based in movies such as Aliens, Predator, and Star Wars. You may access them by going to the Articles section.

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