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The following short stories have been shared by the authors. Not all of the stories are directly connected to the Sundered Epoch.



Table of Contents:

    Spoof Spam - By Randal Snyder

    Thorin Campaign - By Randal Snyder, Kenneth So, Chris Lane, Thomas Dawe, and Andrew Kolesar

    The Magblo - By Andrew Kolesar

    Things We Must Do - By Randal Snyder

    Note to Ponder - By Randal Snyder

    Tech in the US - By Randal Snyder



Spoof Spam

by Randal Snyder

The following are humorous advertisements for a fantasy world full of wizards and monstrous creatures. Think of them as spam for mythical folks:


    Barbarian Institute of Wizardry - Get your degree

    Equipment Enlargement - Make your sword BIGGER!!!

    A Gnomish Cure - Erectile Dysfunction

    Living Dead Girls - Dating Service

    mPod - Miniature Musicians!

    Club Yer Date - Dating Service

    Chase-Man Bank - Refinancing the easy way!



Thorin Campaign

by Randal Snyder, Kenneth So, Chris Lane, Thomas Dawe, and Andrew Kolesar

A revised version of the play-by-post game in progress

    Background - Introduction to the city of T'Aarn

    Chapter 1 - Unfriendly Welcome

    Chapter 2 - The Party Begins

    Chapter 3 - Uneasy Feelings

    Chapter 4 - Ally from the Shadows

    Chapter 5 - A Winding Trail

    Chapter 6 - A Welcome Respite

    Chapter 7 - Quest for Knowledge

    Chapter 8 - Morning Comes too Soon

    Chapter 9 - A Walk with Royalty

    Chapter 10 - The Noble's Story

    Chapter 11 - A Body Prepared

    Chapter 12 - A Dead Man's Tale

    Chapter 13 - Stuffy Air

    Chapter 14 - Lunch With Friends

    Chapter 15 - A Message Received

    Chapter 16 - By the Sleeping Sea

    Chapter 17 - No One Beyond Suspicion

    Chapter 18 - A Mild Distraction

    Chapter 19 - Dead End

    Chapter 20 - Farewell

    Chapter 21 - Hunting Begins

    Chapter 22 - Dreams

    Chapter 23 - Pathways

    Chapter 24 - Recollections

    Chapter 25 - (coming soon)



The Magblo

by Andrew J. Kolesar

(Warning: contains PG13 to R rated material)

    Chapter 1 - A Lesson

    Chapter 2 - The Visitor

    Chapter 3 - Darkness

    Chapter 4 - Rebirth

    Chapter 5 - The Artifact

    Chapter 6 - Troubled Waters

    Chapter 7 - Pendulums Swing



Things We Must Do

by Randal Snyder

a short story of a soldier guarding a concentration camp for Spreaders.



Note to Ponder

by Randal Snyder

Fictional CIA file on the Church of the Apocalypse



Tech in the US

by Randal Snyder

Fictional summary of changes in computer tech



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