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Okay, some of you have asked me several questions about the Sundered Epoch game system so I thought I would put together this page to help explain things.

What is the Sundered Epoch?

The Sundered Epoch is a role-playing game where players take the role of important characters in a story that is organized by the Narrator.

How do you play the game?

Playing an RPG is a lot like an interactive story. First off, the players create characters. Then the Narrator provides a setting and a plot. After that, the players tell the Narrator what their characters do and say, and the Narrator tells them what happens because of that. Some times you have to roll dice to decide what happens, like if someone is hurt or not.

I'm familiar with d20 Dungeons and Dragons. Is it similar?

Yes and no. The basic idea of how you play is very much the same, but the rules are significantly different.

How is the Sundered Epoch different from GURPS, D&D, and other RPGs?

Besides differences in the actual rules, the Sundered Epoch is designed to carefully balance between cinematic and simulation styles of play while allowing both styles simultaneously. The Sundered Epoch system is designed to emulate the "Action Hero" genre of fiction. We begin with a common framework that allows you to add rules that fit your preference. By default, the SEG system is a cinematic representation of real life. But optional rules allow you to make it more realistic, or less so, with no change to the core.

I have a lot of books from another role-playing game. Can I use those with the Sundered Epoch?

Yes, most game resources from other RPGs can be easily converted to the Sundered Epoch.

Does the Sundered Epoch use classes like in d20 D&D?

No. We use skills and background information to determine your character's role.

Does the Sundered Epoch use levels like in d20 D&D?

No. We found it more appropriate to use skills to determine how experienced your character is.

Does the Sundered Epoch use alignments like in d20 D&D?

No. We felt that motivations and personality traits were more effective.

Does the Sundered Epoch use hit points like in d20 D&D?

Sort of. While we do track damage and wounds like hit points, there are several things that make the Sundered Epoch damage system stand apart. For example, each time a character is wounded, they roll a Stun Check. The result of that check determines if they are affected by the wound and to what degree. A character can be unaffected, stunned for only one phase, or might be knocked unconscious for several hours depending on how badly the Stun Check failed.

Why does SEG compare its self with d20?

d20 is the industry leader. Thus, we use d20 as a litmus test for all aspects of the SEG system including comparing rule complexity, compatibility, and consistency. Our goal is to make the SEG system equal to or better in every possible way than leading products in our industry.

What settings can I use the Sundered Epoch game system in?

Any. The game system is designed to be used in any type of time period or level of technology and has been tested in settings from ancient times to far future science fiction.

I have some material that I would like to publish on your website. Can that be done?

We are more than happy to help in any way we can. Your project should give credit where it is due. If you are not the author, make sure you have the author's permission and credit that person as the author. Then email the sunderedepoch@hotmail.com and send him the material. In order to be added to the Sundered Epoch website, we require two basic things: that it be an original work (as in not stolen from someone else or based on copyrighted works of others) and that it is presented in an organized and coherent manner.

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