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Simple 10

Simple 10 is so easy a simpleton could play it! Yes, we know that was cheesy. Weighing in at only 10 pages of rules including sample characters and classic monsters it is easy to learn and play. Designed for a narrative style of play with minimalistic rules, it still gives you the feel of a gritty story based game.

Core Rules v2.0

The core rules cover all of the basics needed to get started running a Simple 10 game.

Character Sheet  

This single-sided character sheet reflects the simplicity of the system with room for everything on the front page.


Unofficial Resources:  

These resources are made available for reference purposes only.  

Aliens vs. Predator

Welcome to the future where no one can hear you scream once the hunt begins. This adaptation of the AVP universe for Simple 10 gets you straight to the action without wasting your time with tons of overhead and corporate bureaucracy.

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