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Sundered Epoch: Generations

The Sundered Epoch: Generations (SEG) is a role-playing game system designed to reproduce the action hero style of movie and to provide maximum flexibility, unlimited options, and can be used in any genre and timeline. 

Looking for dice? We recommend MechWarrior Faction Dice or Gale Force Nine Dice.

Core Rules:

Start out with the Core Rules which explain the fundamentals of the system in a step-by-step manner. Once you have the basics down, add optional rules to tweak the way the game plays and make it suit YOUR needs. You can even use products from all of your existing RPG books to further enhance your gaming experience with little to no conversions needed.

Core Rules v5 - Core Rules (PDF) or (Print)

These are the complete core rules available for as little as $1.99! We are a one-man operation and need your help to spread the word. Thanks for all of your support! 

Character Sheet

This is the basic character sheet and contains everything you need for a Core Rules game.

Character Summary Sheet

With one page you can record the details of three characters.

Optional Rules:

These options are a series of books that expand the features of the SEG system.

Magic (Beta 3)

Create spell-slingers that can fry your enemies with fire or twist their minds in any way your own twisted mind can imagine!

Non-Human Species

This book provides guidelines on how to create non-humans for your SEG games.


What do you do when your mind just can't take any more stress? You roll a Sanity Check and hope you only have a short-term issue.


Unofficial Resources:

These resources are made available for reference purposes only.

Arms and Armour of the Known Realms

A book of medieval weapons and armor.

Aliens of the Known Universe

A collection of alien species from a wide range of sources.

Technology of the Known Universe

A collection of arms and armor from modern and science fiction.

Denizens of the Known Realms

A collection of non-human creatures for a fantasy setting.

Beasts of the Known Realms

A collection of animals, monsters, and creatures designed for a fantasy setting.


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