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Copyright Title Description
2011 Game Over, Man. Game Over! TPKs and the SEG system
2008 Simplicity vs. Detail Just how much detail is too much?
2006 d20 Shields - Take 2 A revamped look at shields in D&D
2006 Redundancy in Game Design A brief review of duplication in the d20 system.



Supernatural News News clips about psychic abilities, ghosts, or other unusual events that caught the media's eye.
2004 Movie Timeline Pulling fictional history from the big screen
2004 Tech in the Real World Interesting, but real technology that may seem like science fiction.
2004 Game Design Basics An opinion on what core items to consider when designing your game system.
2004 Game Design Basics - Part 2 Comparison of popular game designs that have influenced the direction of the SEG system.
2004 A Focus on Feats Dissecting the d20 Feats and why they are not necessary in most cases.
2004 Misdirecting Players A sample scenario to turn the tables on your Hack-n-Slash players
2004 Shields in D&D Alternate rules for shields in Dungeons & Dragons
2004 Using CCGs as RPG Aids Using card games to help with random role playing scenarios.

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