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Table of Contents:

Mission specifications
Narrator's notes
Common knowledge



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Mission specifications:

      Intercept the smuggler ship Seagan and confiscate the cargo. Lethal force is authorized.

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Narrator's notes: 

This adventure is designed for 6-12 experienced characters that focus on combat (such as Colonial Marines). The game should be run in one session of about four hours. In this case, the players are depicted as Colonial Marines as depicted in the Aliens™ series of movies from 20th Century Fox.

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Common knowledge:  

The Borodino sector was posted off limits forty years after the discovery of the alien species first reported by Ellen Ripley. As a result, the Colonial Marines patrol this area in search of smugglers carrying contraband from abandoned mines and colonies.

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The character should be part of a military organization such as the Colonial Marines or other mercenary group. A slow-moving cargo ship, the Seagan, has been spotted on the edge of the quarantine zone and is suspected of smuggling corporate merchandise from various worlds in the sector. Following the boarding procedure both ships are damaged and are adrift in space, meanwhile, the deadly cargo is thawing from the cryogenic chamber in the depths of the ship. 

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The characters are equipped with the following list of equipment:

Equipment QTY Weight Notes
HARM Mechanized Armor/w vacuum environment support 1 35 kg Augmented Armor actually weighs 120 kg. Includes infrared vision, built-in motion tracking (+5 Alertness/Awareness), Squad Communication system, helmet lighting system.
Environmental Tanks 1 10 kg Tanks are not protected by the armor. Damage of 10 points will puncture the tanks. Contains approximately one hours worth of air.
10 mm pulse-rifle/w vacuum environment support 1 11 kg Base 6 pTH, SA/A5
Clip of Caseless, Armor Piercing, Explosive Tipped Ammo 5 1 kg 95 bullets per full clip. Gains +1 pTH, use 1/2 target's pAR
30 mm grenade launcher 1 N/A Under-barrel, pump action, can carry 8 at a time.
30 mm Concussion Grenades 16 0.2 kg Causes 4d6 Temporary Damage at Ground Zero and 2d6 at Point Blank

Opening Scene (read to the players):

"Alright crew. We have an assignment. Your jobs are to enter the smuggler's vessel and confiscate any contraband present. Do you think you can handle that?"

The assembled marines represent some of the worst bunch of losers in the colonial force, at least in the captain's opinion.

"Intel on the subject says this is a slow moving merchant vessel that was left behind in the quarantine zone during the evacuations. 

"We expect crew to be hostile so lethal force is authorized. A standard breech procedure will allow us some sort of surprise. Two forces will enter the ship so try not to kill each other. 

"You'll enter at either sides of the ship. One force will go through the main hatch, the other force will enter via a breech we'll make in the hull."

A holographic diagram of the ship illustrates the maneuver that you have all seen a hundred times. A ship with its docking bridge engaged and a small shuttle scuttling across the underside of the ship and attaching it self like some sort of metal leach. 

"Try to get it right this time and watch the friendly fire." The wrinkled old face scowls at each of you knowingly.

"Your enemy will be prepared for you from the front, but the flanking maneuver should give us a significant advantage. We expect some light arms, maybe some rifles, but nothing that should threaten you in the HARM suits. But don't get cocky.

"Alright, suit up. The ETA is one hour."

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