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Thorin Adventures

The following are a series of adventures for the world of Thorin. Thorin is a Fantasy world similar to Dungeons & Dragons, J. R. R. Tolkien, and so on but with significant differences. Click HERE for more information on Thorin. Each adventure can be played in the order presented or taken individually. In our own game sessions, the adventures have been mixed together to break up the story and give a wide range of information.

Living Dead Girls 2009-2010: Young and beautiful people in the city are dying, and worse, they are being brought back to life as slaves.

Chapter 1 - A bounty has been offered for the return of a young girl's corpse, but they will get more than they bargained for.  

Demons 2009: Someone has accidentally opened a rift to another dimension. Little do they know the consequences of their actions.

Chapter 1 - Opening the portal to the Skinless Horrors brings about more than a few surprises.

Seekers 2009: This series of adventures introduce characters to the Seekers, a secretive organization devoted to discovering the true nature of the gods.

Chapter 1 - The Test: The Seekers are in need of new recruits with the courage and loyalty they need.
Chapter 2 - Lesson in Loyalty: Recovery of an artifact leads to more questions.
Chapter 3 - Initiation: The tests and trials complete, only one more step remains.


No Man's Land

The Eastside Project is a secret organization formed out of the 1920's under the guidance of the League of Nations. Funding is siphoned from the diplomatic budget into the special organization whose purpose is to investigate the strange happenings around the world.

Meet the Spartans 2016: Two brothers are killing Outsiders and causing problems for the Eastside Project. Its time to rein them in. - An Adventure Starter for Heroic characters.

Flight of the Medusa 2016: When a gorgon enters our dimension, she is not alone. - An Adventure Starter for Heroic characters.

House in the Shade 2005: Something sinister has taken residence in a small farm house in the country.

A Wolf Among Sheeple 2013: Two wolves have entered the concrete jungle. Which one will survive? - An Adventure Starter for Exceptional or Heroic characters.

Yeti in Spring Time 2013: In the mountains of Nepal a yeti has run off with a little girl. But nothing is as it seems. - An Adventure Starter for Exceptional or Heroic characters. 

Wail of the Banshee 2014: What happens when an angel likes to party? - An Adventure Starter for Heroic or Legendary characters.

Aliens vs. Predator

The Hunt 2004 - Updated 7/13: Join the Predators as they hunt one of their own 

Alien Subversion 2000: Quarantine; seek and destroy.

Mars Patrol 1999: the deserts of Mars hold secrets and the dead





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