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Role-playing Games with MOXIE!!!

Welcome to the SunderedEpoch.org, home of the Sundered Epoch: Generations and Simple 10 role-playing games.

Sundered Epoch: Generations
SEG is a role-playing game designed to be used in all timelines and genres. The game system is currently under heavy development due to considerable play testing and further modifications. And best of all - its FREE!

Simple 10 -
is geared for speed and ease of play and designed for highly cinematic playing style. And like its big brother, Simple 10 is FREE!


Latest News: We are published!

3/9/16 - If you haven't joined us on Facebook, you've missed some updates. Like us and join the conversation!

What you've missed - Not one, but TWO adventure starters were published! Get "Meet the Spartans" and "Flight of the Medusa" from DriveThruRPG.com

Our introductory FREE release of the SEG Core Rules has concluded. But you can still get your copy for a low-low price of... (wait for it) ...whatever you feel like paying! This isn't a small book, at 250 pages.

12/27/15 - It is official! We have gone commercial with our publication of the Sundered Epoch: Core Rules to Drive Thru RPG. Until the end of January you can get your official copy of the rules absolutely free. Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell your Aunt Veru and Uncle Owen that this is an RPG system with MOXIE!!!

11/15/15 - Inspired by our brains being eaten by zombies, we put together this little AvP Zombicide booklet, which you can get via the Unofficial Downloads page. Check it out!

11/9/15 - This one-man-band is still kicking. It is about time to put a bow on the latest revision of the rules and call them DONE! But in the mean time, enjoy some Zombicide cards for an Aliens vs. Predator vs. Zombies game.

9/8/14 - In case you thought we were sleeping, I assure you that we have not! Over the last year we have published a bunch of adventures out on Scribd.com and are working on finishing the Core Rules (again!). We decided to split the core rules and magic system into two different books and we are feverishly working on getting both completed for preview ASAP. 


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